New changes: Really important if your goal was to participate…

Hello internet!

Trying to get people to play with themselves and each other across the internet seems to be a Herculean task. There are flaws with the current system and setup that are out of my control, but the corrective measures are within my control. And yours.

The whole grouping process was meant to do one thing: force a certain amount of random mixity by not letting players from one small unit do their thing then just disappear. But since it is not getting all the results I wanted, and that some are clamoring for change… here is what is going to change:

  • Groups with a game previously formed (A, C, D, E, F) are maintained as-is, even with just one game done.
  • Groups with no game are to be broken and reformed in an organic manner.
  • Players who do not have a game yet played in their group have until March 15, 23:59 UTC to get a group of 5 players AND play at least two of their games. The sole restriction is to not have more than 3 players from the same country in the group.
  • Anyone from old groups B, G, H, I, J, K who doesn’t have a single game played is deleted from WAML and is free to try to rejoin in June. New groups formed for session 1 will take letters Z, Y, X and upward to replace those current groups.

It’s up to you if you want to use #osamuko or not. If not, then you’ve missed the entire point of WAML and we wish you continued success in your personal mahjong endeavours. It might be a scheduling, a timing or a trolling issue: we don’t bear any ill will but it’s time to say goodbye to some of you.

SUPER EDIT: Groups with only one game played by March 22, 23:59 UTC will drop the fifth player as well.

2015 WAML Season Registration (part 2)

This is a new post to simply clear the comment space. We have 35 (now 55!) registered participants as listed here. You can still register as either an alternate or if enough people show interest, another group may form. Final deadline is March 15.

The first early bird matches are already taking place!
Group A: [Niko, Muller, zheitny, Gleb, Lemon]
Group C: [coppro, Jiharo, cliff, Iapetus, Kyuu]
Group D: [520, Pikokola, ron^5, Trundle, Moejong]
Group E: [Bebop, Dasuke, K-chan, LordKail, Shogia]
Group F: [Cloudy, XSA, Ridojiri, xkime, Benawii]

The following players must create new groups, following this post
[Laciremun, SanShokuGinji, fallensoul, Finz, harph]
[C-13, Mardi, kosutasu, Skor, oldpier]
[ratsel, Hora, Hesmyrr, MuraiAmauri, Archon^2]
[Zackarov, Yuu, shadowbringer, Refrain, Yazphier]
[BillyBat, JoeyV, Mr.Jae, Nakadashi, MaxB]
[meisai, Ksa, Tyrfing, NikaidoAkiBro, shory]

Your groups are now broken, and must form new groups within the week to participate in WAML.

More to come…
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WAML Season 1 starter’s guide

For those still seeking to register, you can in the comments of the Registration page. This post is for new participants.

Who is this for? This is for anyone who has been grouped by the early bird process, or who will eventually get grouped in the end. Currently, this consists of:

  • Group A: [Niko, Muller, zheitny, Gleb, Lemon]
  • Group B: [Laciremun, SanShokuGinji, fallensoul, Finz, harph]
  • Group C: [coppro, Jiharo, cliff, Iapetus, Kyuu]

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2015 WAML Season 1 Registration


It’s early, but I’m opening registration now to prepare for the future. Simply replace the form content below and repost it as a comment below.

Reminder: Season 1 will open between the 15th and 21st of March. The first deadline for completed matches is April 4th.

ID numbers are 7 digits choosen freely, first 3 are reserved. Players who have not attained a 1d rank by March 1 may be subject to a pro test.

NEW! – Unique avatars now a requirement. Nodoka, Yuuki and Etopen are taken.
NEW! – Avatars represent you, must be personifiable. I’m letting the Saturn avatar pass, but a fork would be insufficient.

ID : 124-4037564
Handle : Trundle
Country : CAN
Player Name : Senechal “Trundle” Duhaut
Avatar : (provide a link, 150×150 minimum)
Tenhou ID : 治子37―564
Tenhou rank : 3k

WAML Revival: Different format, different expectations, more excitement…

Hello everyone,

I have a proposal to make to the crowd, and I would like some public feedback on how to proceed. Essentially, I want to restart (retcon/rewrite) how the leagues were working here. The participative format was interesting with getting people to play, but wasn’t really contributing to the kind of competitive atmosphere we initially hoped for. That, and our friendly programmers were exhausted at maintaining some of the more fickle aspects of the scoring. I don’t blame them.

Essentially, I want to start a league format resembling more of the form of the Japanese associations. People play a fixed set of opponents once every two weeks (with a certain amount of flexibility regarding the time of the event) to accumulate a total of six sessions’ worth (24 hanchan). Results from a season will lead to seeding players into the next season’s league, as well as earning an dan ranking. Continue reading

WAML: Aftermath and Future

Hello to all who have previously followed us in the past.

I know a year is an eternity with no updates. Essentially, the system broke down due to ranking maintenance and we weren’t ready to rebuild a new system. We had a few minor initiatives, but real life kicked in, and we were occupied by many other things, up to and including the recent World Riichi Championship in Puteaux, France.

We are still thinking of ways to reboot this site, and hope to encourage both a free-form playing spirit as well as a more structured organization. We would like to thank everyone who has been playing in Lobby 7447 since November 2012, and all those who took time to swing by #osamuko on IRC.

We hope to bring better news soon.

Reminder: Post-season eliminator matches today!

Anyone who has either qualified or played in any of the previous Seasons 0, 1, or 2, as well as those who would normally qualify for that in Season 3 is invited to participate. Please be in #osamuko at 2155 GMT today (17.5 hours from this post).

I have 2 seats for the upcoming S-league to give as prizes. Be there! (or in Windsor, heh, good luck to the RL contingent this weekend)

League changes: For real, for something big!

As hinted and promised for some time now, along with aligning some stuff up with osamu’s S-League… I can now announce how the final tables will occur at the end of Season 3…

… except that there aren’t any! What there will be in its place is a knockout tournament. The people that will be invited are as follows from Seasons 0, 1 and 2:

  • Anyone invited to a previous final table, including people who were absent. (e.g. Zagato)
  • Anyone who was actually there, or replacing a person in line.
  • … as well as anyone who would qualify to a final table this time around in Season 3 (if 7 promote from C-league, that would mean people in positions 8 to 11 are invited). For A-league, this will be different, I will be counting places 2 to 5 this time.

You then are all (there’s about 40-50 of you) invited to show up in #osamuko with enough advance (5 minutes, please) to be ready for the eliminator at 2200GMT on July 6th, for continental Europe, that’s midnight on the 7th. You will then be seated haphazardly in a table with one A-level qualifier, one B-level qualifier, one C-level qualifier, as well as one more person from any league. If there are 8 tables or less set up, the winner only will advance (possible 2nd place saves). If there are more, then I will cut the least spectacular winning scores to reduce the pool down to 8.

Once we have 8 people left, there will be a final round. The top 2 on each table, as well as the best 3rd will win 5 coveted spots in the new S-league. The person who finishes 1st in A-league this season will win a 6th spot. As always, the same late rule applies: if you’re not there on time, you have forfeited your chance by default.


Since S-league is supposed to function monthly, the WAML feeder leagues will be changed accordingly for Season 4 onward. Seasons will only last 1 month, so every month, the new threshold will be 10 games. People who do not play 10 games will be demoted. Players with zero will be deleted, any overrides to this can be asked in advance in the channel to Senechal. A and B leagues will contain each 24 players.

Promotion table

Before Season End After Season End
A winners A winners
A stable A stable
A losers B winners
A demoted B stable
B winners A losers
B stable C winners
B losers 1st N
B demoted B losers
C winners A demoted
C stable C stable (no one loses C yet)
C losers B demoted
C demoted N qualifiers
N winners C demoted

This is the hierarchy that will be put into effect soon. Please be patient for this to take fully effect.

P.S. As a final reminder, the eliminator will seed 5 spots, the A-league champion in ranking in Season 3 gets the 6th, and the other two will be given out by osamu’s championship event.

S League

I’d like announce something I’ve been planning for a while: a new tier in the WAML.

The new tier will only be loosely connected to the current leagues, and will have a completely different system. There will be fewer players, shorter seasons and all games will all be arranged before the season starts.

More details can be found below
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